HIAM Appreciation Thread

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HIAM Appreciation Thread

Post by TIMSel on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 00:50

Hold It Against Me was such a flawless comeback song and a flawless lead single for the Woeful Infamy album!
HIAM was my song back in 2012 and even friends who didnt know about Joel loved his cover of the song better than its original. 
BUT HIAM was bashed because of the shitty music video we got
Other than that HIAM slayed the charts on panel was #1 for 21 weeks
It was a hit in 8 countries

  the slayage was real but the fans where all complaining about Joel's dance moves that literally no one enjoyed the flawless era that was Woeful Infamy 

Fast Forward to Today... Make Me (Oooh) peaked at #3 for 1 week... and is really not a big hit like HIAM
Make Me (oooh) has no video or any promotion whatsoever

This J7 era is terrible thus far and the album is coming out next month and the buzz has died 

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Re: HIAM Appreciation Thread

Post by Wohoooooo on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 01:38

there has been HIAM appreciation threads since 2014 
lets not 


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